At this time, the Matrix X-Server has been temporarily delayed as we optimize the end design. Expect to see the X-Server some time between the end of Q1 and early Q2 2017!

My name is Arthur G H Power IV. I am founder and CEO of Power Holdings Inc, the distributor for Matrix Audio products in North America. My ID is ArthurPower (very original I know). 
I have been working with Matrix Audio for several years and they have been manufacturing some great audio products for nearly 10 years now. Their equipment has always been well received by the audiophile community. Excellent designs and engineering combined with quality components and construction at a reasonable price.
A couple years ago Matrix released a flagship DAC called the X-Sabre. This was a land mark product taking a year to develop. It was also the finest product Matrix ever released. The design and performance was just fantastic. This was confirmed by many reviewers and hundreds of customers world wide.
A Brief History of the How These New Models Came to Be
The original plan was to update the X-Sabre DAC with even better performance and added features. The ESS Sabre 9018 was still the flagship DAC chip at the time (beginning of 2016). However, once ESS Technology announced their new, upcoming ESS Sabre 9028 Pro & 9038 Pro DAC chips, it was back to the drawing board. Matrix didn't want to refresh their flagship with a now-last-generation offering. Striving to utilize the best components available, it only made sense to pursue implementing either the 9028 Pro or 9038 Pro in the second generation X-Sabre DAC.
This however, meant scrapping the original plan and delaying the project until the these new chips became available. Soon enough we would find out that implementing these new chips would require a new board design and layout to optimize their capabilities. After a few more months had passed by, some early ES9028Pro sample chips were finally available from ESS Technology so we could start the testing and development stage.
During this time Matrix Audio and myself (Arthur Power) began to talk about a new product idea (a music server) which just so happened to include the Euphony Audio team (since I was already working with them at the time). Eureka! We realized it would be mutually beneficial if we all worked together to help refine this concept of the hardware and software required to produce the best possible audio reproduction. Everyone involved then came together with suggestions and ideas.
Matrix decided a full size component would be needed to house everything including the new X-Sabre DAC that was already in development. The Euphony team insisted on an X86 Intel i3 processor as opposed to an ARM architecture. Their extensive research confirmed that better sound quality was possible with a faster Intel CPU. Matrix then built a prototype that included this X-Sabre '2' DAC using the ES9028Pro. Would the X-Server meet our initial product concept of performance and also value?
After I received the X-Server prototype from Matrix, I passed it on to John Grandberg; his impressions reassured us we had exceeded our original goal. While John was still evaluating this prototype and giving us feedback, the ESS Sabre 9038 Pro samples became available. This lead us to a crossroad. Continue with the 9028 Pro or start over again with the 9038 Pro? After testing and much thought it was decided, why not both?!
Introducing the X-Server and the X-Sabre Pro
The X-Server is a top of the line dedicated music player based on an Intel i3 Skylake CPU and includes a built in ESS Sabre DAC called the X-Sabre Pro. The X-Sabre Pro is an upgraded version of our well received X-Sabre DAC. This music server is also available with our X-Sabre Pro DAC.

ESS Technology recently released new digital audio converters setting a new standard once again in the audiophile market. The X-Server option uses the ES9028PRO DAC chip whereas the X-Server Reference Edition & X-Sabre Pro option use the ES9038PRO DAC chip.

The X-Server runs a unique commercial operating system called Euphony Audio Transport. This dedicated OS ensures the best possible audio quality with a user friendly interface that can be controlled via any web browser or using the available app called Euphony Remote.

The X-Sabre Pro DAC is also available as a stand alone model for those who already have a music playback source like a computer or CD player. This unit includes a remote control for input section and volume adjustment.
Pressed for time, we decided to against our initial idea of running an Indiegogo campaign. We think it's most beneficial to all parties involved discussing, promoting, and selling the X-Sabre Pro & Matrix X-Server directly as opposed to going through a third-party (e.g. indiegogo). This enables us to offer everyone an introductory price that will give a new meaning to 'bang for the buck'! The X-Server, X-Server Reference Edition, and X-Sabre Pro are designed be some of the finest quality audiophile products money can buy.
Power Holdings Inc
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